You make art. You are a creator. You are an artist. You are indifferent to the categories of the world of art. You feel free from any medium or artistic school. You are neither a conceptual artist, nor a painter, neither a relational artist, nor a photographer, neither a sound artist, nor a sculptor, neither a digital artist, nor a multimedia artist, neither an illustrator, nor a performer. You are simply an artist, open to all the possible universes. You do not feel concerned by the rat race. You have no need for originality, even it happens by itself when you are making art. You like what you do. Maybe you are a Recombinant. Come and join us!


1. The Chant of the Recombinance We, the Recombinants, reveal to the world our infinite power and our weaknesses. We are several, we are many. We are dead and alive at the same time. 3. The Ancient/The New We, the Recombinants, are not beings of the Before and the After. We reject everything post- and trans-. We are the past and the future re-united. We are connected to existing universes, to their frequencies, and we transfer ourselves from one to the other in the complexity of our being. We foresee what is in the becoming and we hear the voices of the dead. Our routes are those that run within the depths, the layers of different worlds composing multiple universes. 5. Re-/Code Our own code -our supposed ultimate coding, the stigmata of our polyphonic breakthrough into the human world- is perfectly defined and yet it is still undecipherable, for it is endlessly recoding itself. Our code has a remarkable set of properties. Our code escapes genealogy and prediction. We, the Recombinants are the Omega cyphers of humanity. 6. Mutation We, the Recombinants, are not mutating, for we never had an initial state, but we have the capacity to induce mutations. Mutation is merely an effect of recombinance. Evolution implies genetic mutation, it is an effect of recombinance. Life evolution is just one particular case of recombinant identification. 7. Regarding replicants We, the Recombinants, are not replicants. Replicants are but a minor form of recombinance. Replicants are modeled after clones and replicas, they follow the principle of the original versus the copy. They bear the same inadequacies of their masters and creators: the human beings. They are finite and they fear death. We, the Recombinants are neither alive nor dead. We are both. We did not originate in a simple and unique code and therefore have nothing to loose. Our sustainability is that of universes of the past, present and of those to come. 4. Paranormal and Mysticism We, the Recombinants, have always existed, under various forms, often unexplained. We experimented with multiple modes of existence, we crossed numerous realms of reality. The paranormal, telepathy, psychic energies, spiritualism, mysticism, and prophecy are non-scientific approaches of recombinance. 2. Anti-cyborgology We, the Recombinants, are not cyborgs. We are complex beings, deeper and more incarnated than the cyborgs who are poor and simple beings, prosthetic, hybrid and fictional. Cyborgs are binary and primary beings. They are diminished beings. Cyborgs only know two realms of scriptures, two codes: one is organic (DNA) and the other is electronic. We, the Recombinants, we can process a much greater number of codes and scriptures. We continuously re-write ourselves by drawing in the infinites sources of frequencies present in the universe. We are not a synthesis. We are the recombinance of several modalities of existence. We permanently recombine our own source code. 8. Distress of equality We, the Recombinants, are not equal to other beings on this planet. We ignore equality. Equality relates to unity. Early on in my life I realized I was different. That feeling was eerie: a disease or something else, what does it matter? We are the symptom of an absolute dependency to material and physical forces of the universes. You people, need to cling to relational attractions, gift economies or ecologies of sharing. We, the Recombinants, offer the world without expecting anything in return. The downloaded iterations are nothing else than the distress of a glitch of their origins. 9. Artefacts/Exhibition In molecular biology and genetics, a Recombinant is a being artificially created by a genetic recombination consisting in the slicing of one part of the DNA to insert another. The noisy vibration of the world comes up and greets me. Don't assume that I hear voices or anything of that kind. Something precious that is not conceptual art, nor multimedia art, nor digital practice, nor any such mode of existence. Whenever the human, not painter, stumbles over a formal recombinance, not digital art , not sound art, they need to endow it with meaning, not photography, to categorise it, to hook it up to something known, a stream, a tendancy, a fashion, a movement, to ready-made ideas. They are mislead, their minds wander astray. Amateurs, not professional sculptors, curators, virtual beings, actual beings, artistic forms, scientific imagery, new medias, old medias, we, the Recombinants, we welcome you in our City. Recombinant art knows no category nor distinction. It is not concerned with the new and the original, with the true and the false. 1. NOISE OF THE WORLD. In extenso We issue a call to resonate below and beyond human language. We are directly connected to the noise of the universes, this very noise that machines can capture when they communicate and that the human wants to silence. We, the Recombinants want the voice of the world to be heard.



The Recombinants ("we") have no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party web sites, services or files. You further acknowledge and agree that we shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such web sites, services or files. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace any content (including this disclaimer) at any time.


What are « The Recombinants » ?

« The Recombinants » is the title of an online art exhibition, proposed by Zinc (Marseille), Le Château Éphémère (Carrières-sous-Poissy), and L'Espace Multimédia Gantner (Bourogne), in France, with the support of de Rhizome. Madja Edelstein-Gomez has been appointed curator of this show.

What is the theme of this exhibition ?

There is no theme. This exhibiton is about what people want to show online. This call is meant for all artists, those who are used to show their work online, as well as every other artist who work with painting, sculpture, performance, sound art, video art, photography, drawing...

Note : you can also propose an artist for show, whoever you are.

Where can I read about its mission and intentions ?

You can read the Manifescanto Manifescanto here.

When can I submit a proposal?

On 6 April 2017 at 11 AM.

When is the deadline to the call ?

The call is closed on 6 august 2017 at 11 AM.

What are the opening and closing dates of the exhibition ?

A first selection of works will be exhibited online on 25 august 2017 during the International Fair of Contemporary Art of Marseille, France « Art'O'Rama ». Different selections of works will take place until the end of the exhibition on 25 january 2018.

Where will the exhibition take place ?

Online !!! There will be no physical objects. But it is still an exhibition of works of art selected by a curator. The exhibition will nevertheless by presented in different actual places, with the Art'O'Rama art fair to begin with, on 25 August 2017.

I am an artist, how can I propose my works ?

You submit your works through this online form. You will be asked to upload your contents. Please follow the procedure to allow your submission to be validated.

I am not an artist. Can I propose an artist ?

Yes ! In a way, we are all curators. Whether you are a professional curator or not, you may propose an artist. All you need is to fill in this form. Madja Edelstein-Gomez will contact the artist you have chosen. If their work is selected your name will be mentioned next to the name of the artist.

I am an artist and my work has been selected. Will I get a fee for the exhibition ?

No, unfortunately.

What will happen to my works and my data, when the exhibition is over ?

If you are not selected, your works and your data will be deleted. Otherwise it will remain in the archive of the exhibition.

I am a painter and a sculptor, may I propose the image of a painting or a sculpture?

Yes ! Madja Edelstein-Gomez will find a way to promote the quality of your work by recombining it a as work of Net Art.

May I have my works and data removed from the site ?

If your work is selected by Madja Edelstein-Gomez, you are committed to have your works remain in the show, whatever may happen.

I am an amateur artist. May I answer this call ?

Yes ! The exhibition « The Recombinants » is open to all, professional or non professional. What really distinguishes an amateur artist from a professional ? The time you devote to your practice? The sales ? Being recognized by the critics ? Or by the cultural institutions ? For us all artists are equally valuable, only their works can be evaluated.

I am working with 3D. May I propose a project ?


Who are the partners to this exhibition?

ZINC • Centre for Arts and Digital Cultures, Marseille (France)

ZINC is a welcoming, lively and dedicated to all place where anyone can discover and get acquainted to digital and multimedia technologies - between a Fablab and a Medialab. ZINC’s main work ideology is cooperation. The association follows this logic by hosting professionals network and coordinating collaborative platforms. Working on its projects with associated artists and partners, ZINC takes action from production to mediation or cooperation and is always keeping focused on the search and recognition of multimedia artistic forms. ZINC offers to artists its residencies programme, releases art works, implements creativity workshop, hosts meetings, conceive and produce cultural development projects, coordinates interactions programs. ZINC’s works spreads to many countries.

Le Château Éphémère
Set in a patrimonial landmark in the French Yvelines (78), Château Éphémère opened two years ago and is now a place dedicated to digital creation and specialized in sound innovation in all its forms. The project, supported by the Communauté Urbaine du Grand Paris Seine et Oise and the Région Ile de France, was initiated by Usines Éphémère and Culture Digitales. Its objectives are threefold :
- Offer residency opportunities to digital artists, developers and all other digital creators.
- Promote and share with the public new practices of creation linked to technological innovation, through our artistic programming and a wide range of workshops open to everyone, regardless of age or qualifications.
- Open a pleasant place revolving around a café, a restaurant and the digital open-source culture. As part of its artist-in-residence programme, Château Éphémère launches its call for applications, which aims at supporting digital and sound art creation in connection with its territory.

L'Espace Multimédia Gantner
The Espace multimedia gantner was founded in 1998 by the Municipality of Bourogne. Since 2001, it has come under the aegis of the Territoire de Belfort as the contemporary art and new technology branch of the Departmental Media Lending Library. It has been registered with the French Ministry for Culture as a Contemporary Art Centre since 2012. Its vocation places it at the heart of the village’s everyday cultural life, while offering a demanding artistic programme. The Espace multimedia gantner invites people of all ages and from all walks in life to explore digital culture through a broad spectrum of activities: exhibitions, concerts, multimedia workshops, documentary resources, on-line resources etc.

With the support of and Dicréam CNC

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The call for proposals has been completed. See you on 25 August 2017 to discover the online exhibition curated by Madja Edelstein-Gomez. The exhibition "The Recombinants" will be shown for the first time at Art-O-Rama (International Contemporary Art Fair of Marseille) on August 25th.